Janice Tan's Dog Training Service
Cheree Angus and "Ronan" in puppy class.  June 2010
Cheree Angus and "Blade" in Agility training. March 2010
Eric Thiel and "Zoe" in puppy class.  June 2010

"My two dobermans and our pitbull love training with Janice.  She's very knowledgable, patient with us, and wonderful with our four legged children!!" 

Cheree Angus

Town & Country Veterinary Hospital


Award winning dog trainer Janice Tan has worked with TVAR for four years training the dogs at the East County Animal Shelter (ECAS). Her contribution directly impacts the increase in dog adoptions, and the decrease in dog returns.

Tri-Valley Animal Rescue


My husband and I were esctatic to have a Rottweiler puppy dropped off at our doorstep by our good friends, who thought it was time for us to get back in the saddle.  But, our little "Zoe" came with some issues, or quirks as we like to say.  Janice has been great! She has come to our house for private sessions with "Zoe", and we are now approximately halfway through  puppy obedience class.  If not for Janice, I'm afraid that we would have had to put her to sleep.  I can't thank her or recommend her enough!!  She is simply the best dog trainer out there!!"

Eric, Kelly, and "Zoe"


"Cali is doing MUCH BETTER. Everything that you went over with us worked and it is much easier to live with her now. . . . Thank you SO much for all of your help. You ARE GREAT!"

-Carol, owner of Cali, a Bichon Frise

"We appreciate you coming over yesterday. We loved your gentle guidance of our entire family into a completely functional unit. You gave us so many wonderful tools to better behavior for all of us. Just as parents must agree upon a common kid raising technique, the same must be said for the dog training.  It seemed that Keys had us so well-trained that we weren't even really aware that he had done that already. He really is smart." -Sue, owner of Keys, an Australian Shepherd
"I began working with Janice after unintentionally adopting a people- and  dog-reactive Basenji-mix.  Janice has helped me learn the basics of controlling unwanted behavior and encouraging good dog behavior.  Kaio is now competing in AKC sponsored Rally events, working towards her first AKC title, which I never would have thought possible without Janice. Kaio absolutely adores Janice, and I know each class will be a positive experience for both of us." –Heather, owner of Kaio, a Basenji mix