Janice Tan's Dog Training Service

Puppy Classes:   I offer six-week group sessions for puppies aged 14 weeks-6 months old (or once they have received veterinary approval).  We cover the following in class: sit, down, stay, come, heel, loose leash walking, leave it, watch, wait (at doorways), off (no jumping), socializing with both people and other dogs, basic manners including house training and chewing, fetch, and distance commands.  These are structured classes with lesson plans and written homework.  Class is limited to 7 puppies, so that each puppy and family get individual attention every week.  The cost of the six-week series is $200. ALL Puppy, Intermediate and Advanced Classes are held in a large room at the following location:

Danville Women's Club, located right off 680 at 242 W Linda Mesa Ave in Danville

The Danville Women's Club is a large, self-contained indoor facility with A/C, heat, and its own spacious parking lot for leash work and heeling.  It is a quiet setting so that you and your dog can learn without distractions!


Intermediate and Advanced Classes:  I also offer six-week intermediate level courses for those who have graduated from the puppy class or who would like more advanced training.  These classes emphasize proofing basic commands such as come and stay so that your dog can be reliable in real-life, distracting situations.  I also teach new skills and, when students are interested, lay foundation work for those who want to get a CGC certificate (Canine Good Citizen certificate) or start in Rally.  The Advanced Class is for graduates of Intermediate and includes skills such as off-leash heeling and recalls, out-of-sight group stays, and foundation work for AKC Rally and AKC Obedience. The cost of a six-week series is $200.

Drop-In Classes:  I offer drop-in classes in Pleasanton on some Saturday afternoons.  PRIOR APPROVAL IS REQUIRED.  The Reactive Class is a UNIQUE class that offers help for under socialized dogs (dogs who have fear, aggression or excitability issues around other dogs or people).  Dogs will ONLY receive approval to attend one of these classes if they go through some form of training with me first. This is for SAFETY reasons!  The Rally Class offers run-throughs of full-length Rally courses for dogs who are actively competing in AKC Rally or who wish to learn this fun new sport.  Please call ahead if you would like to attend one of these classes: (925) 926-0929.  UPDATE 7/13/17:  Drop-in Classes have been suspended for the summer, and may resume in September depending on interest.

If you would like to sign up for a six-week Puppy, Intermediate or Advanced class, please download the Class Registration Form and mail it along with a deposit check for $50 (or full payment of $200) to the address listed on the form.  I cannot guarantee your spot in any class until I have received payment.  Thank you!